Baba's Birthday


Writer/Director: Peter Sumner
Production Company: Sensory Image
Producer: Michael Ney
Associate Producer: Lynn Burgos
Director of Photography: Michael Ney
Music Composer: Christopher Gordon
Audio & Prod. Mgr: William Bullock
Editor: Carolina Mitchell
Script Consultant: Kris Wyld




Preview of early work in progress...
the final work features original music by
Christopher Gordon (Master & Commander)
but this preview has music by Pete Townshend
- thankfully used with permission.

Baba's Birthday - Trailer from Sensory Image.

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Luke Sumner, a young Aussie, journeys to India in search of spiritual meaning... 'Baba's Birthday' looks at how young people find true and lasting values in today's increasingly tense and confusing world.

We follow Luke to Meherabad where he will celebrate Meher Baba's birthday, and be involved in the yearly play production which Luke has been cast in the lead role of Majnun in "Majnun and Leila".

Along the way we see the bustling culture of India, the Pilgrim's Centre in Meherabad, and many special places of pilgrimage each year for thousands of followers of Avatar Meher Baba.

Over the following weeks, we see Luke talk with Bhauji - head of the Baba Trust, those who spent their lives with Baba and young Baba followers from around the world. Between rehearsals Luke visits Baba's earliest home in Pune, and many other special places and people around Meherabad of interest to the history of Meher Baba.

The documentary gathers momentum as the rehearsals become more intense. On Baba's birthday, Luke joins the sunrise gathering at Baba's tomb, and the opening night of the play reveals the delight of the audience as they follow another story from the life of Meher Baba. The documentary ends in the Dhuni fire ritual; a special occasion for surrender and rededication to God.

Download the Electronic Press Kit for Baba's Birthday,
which contains lots of photos, synopsis, director's statement, who is Meher Baba, the storyline in detail, production personnel profiles and credits.


Avatar Meher Baba

Born in Pune, India in 1894 Baba's mission as Avatar, the Hindu word for Godman, started in 1921 and developed as a practical example of his principle message of love. He worked with disciples in India, Europe, America and the poor of India, through free schools, dispensaries and shelters. His life was devoted not to teaching but to awakening humanity to the unifying message of love and the truth given by great messengers of the past. His belief that all had been said was given emphasis by his observing silence for 44 years, from 1925 until his death in January 1969.

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